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Enterprise Scrum Thinking

- by Dave Prior

Dan Greening of EvolveBeyond discusses spreading agile approaches beyond individual teams to the enterprise level where potential benefits and challenges multiply. In the realm of project portfolio management, decision-making roles can include a Chief Product Owner and Enterprise ScrumMaster. [Part 1: 23 min.]

Becoming ScrumMaster

- by Angela Druckman

Many project managers are making the transition to ScrumMaster, but problems arise when old behaviors and work patterns are brought to the new role. Here are some common issues that organizations face when their new ScrumMasters do not fully understand the subtleties of the Servant Leader function.

Retrospectives Against Tedium

- by Wayne Grant

Observing signs of boredom from his team during standups, a ScrumMaster developed a custom sprint retrospective technique to address the problem. The four-step activity helps to identify long, repetitive tasks that can be shortened, automated or entirely eliminated to keep developers engaged and focused on more meaningful work.

Comparative Agility

- by Dave Prior

The conversation continues with Agile trainer and author Kenny Rubin: his thoughts on the state of the Scrum Alliance … why ScrumMaster certification is only a start … his ongoing comparative survey project with Mike Cohn … embracing Agile across the value chain … and more. [19:00]

Essential Scrum

- by Dave Prior

Kenny Rubin has been using Scrum since 2000. Along the way, he has implemented Scrum at large companies and startups, served as the Scrum Alliance’s first managing director, and trained over 18,000 people. Here, Rubin discusses the evolution of Scrum, his new book, and why Agile teams are like a flock of geese. [19:45]

Test Your Agile Process for Simplicity

- by Len Lagestee

Processes, even agile ones, can become complex and unwieldy over time. Here, the manager of project management and methodology at shares a tip for testing the simplicity of your Agile framework with a team of interns. It’s also useful for identifying good candidates to join a collaborative culture.

Agile Launches

- by ProjectsAtWork

New site is a partnership with Scrum Alliance, offering members job-posting and resume services.

Scrum Master Is A Fulltime Job

- by Wayne Grant

There were advantages to being an active software developer functioning as a part-time Scrum Master, but they were outweighed by the conflicts. I’ve come to believe that the Scrum Master role requires a dedicated, full-time person in order to effectively serve as the unbiased glue that holds the team and the Product Owner together.

Defining Agile Roles

- by Daniel Gullo

The different roles of Scrum Masters, coaches, trainers, consultants and, yes, project managers are often confusing to organizations transforming from traditional to Agile practices. Let’s take a closer look at these titles and how their responsibilities compare to one another in an emerging agile environment.

The Transformers

- by Dave Prior

Dave Prior interviews Howard Sublett, “senior cat herder” for agile BigVisible, where he is responsible for identifying coaching talent. Here, they discuss what it takes to lead an agile transformation, including adapting to different environments, learning from failures, where the project manager fits in, and moving from “scrum-but” to “scrum-and.” [20:40]





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