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3 More Fresh Retrospectives

- by Wayne Grant

Are your project retrospectives getting a bit stale, diluting their effectiveness? Keeping retrospectives fresh for your team requires diligence on your part, but the rewards from continuous improvement are worth it. Here are three fun, simple retrospective techniques that can help get your teams re-engaged.

Scenarios and Storyboards

- by Roman Pichler

Scenarios and storyboards are great tools to describe how users interact with a product. They also complement user stories by helping to explore risk, discover new user stories, and capture the relationship between stories. Here is a primer on what these tools are, and how they can be used in an agile context.

Weigh the Work Ahead

- by Kyle Roozen

How can your team accurately predict and communicate meaningful delivery timelines when it is constantly fielding changes from the multiple business units it serves? Here is a detailed look at how one Scrum-centered team used a four-step approach to estimate timelines for work far into the future.

New Scrum Horizons

- by Dave Prior

Stephen Denning, author of “The Leader’s Guide to Radical Management” and thought leader on innovation and organizational storytelling, recently joined the Scrum Alliance board of directors. Here, he discusses what drew him to Agile thinking and his efforts to bring the spirit of Scrum to new environments and to make it more resilient, scalable and sustainable. [15:15]

Don’t Neglect Retrospective Action

- by Wayne Grant

In the quest for continuous team improvement, identifying corrective actions through retrospectives is only the first step. Those actions need to be agreed upon by the team, made visible and tracked by the Scrum Master, revisited at the next retrospective, and celebrated upon successful implementation.

My Agile Kit

- by Wayne Grant

Scrum Masters use different props and materials to plan, estimate, conduct retrospectives and maintain information radiators such as task boards. This collection of “stuff” is key to creating a visible, tactile work environment that engages team members. Here is a detailed look at the contents of one such “Agile Kit.”

Tool Shop: Agile iPad Apps

- by Will Kelly

The iPad and agile project management seem to be made for each other with their shared emphasis on simplicity. And as enterprise mobility grows, iPad apps can and will be used to manage product backlogs, release lists and sprints. Here’s a look at three agile PM apps available for the iPad.

The Agile “Skinny”

- by Dave Prior

ESI’s Matt Ferguson talks about realistically assessing an organization’s agile needs and readiness, focusing on three key variables: knowledge, application and support. He also sees the emergence of a “three-party system” in project management, representing traditional, agile and hybrid approaches. [15:30]

Infographic: Distributed Agile Teams

- by

Agile approaches are now mainstream and distributed projects are becoming the norm. A recent ProjectsAtWork research report explored issues and benchmarked actions taken by organizations at the center of the distributed agile movement. This infographic highlights a few key findings.

No One Right Way to Agile

- by Dave Prior

Are requirements, documentation and traditional risk management in conflict with Agile? ESI’s director of consulting services Matt Ferguson says no. Here, he talks about a holistic approach to project delivery that addresses a variety of variables and allows teams to decide what works best. The goal is to build a legacy of improvement. [16:00]





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