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Distributed Agile Teams

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This 19-slide deck is a companion piece to the Agile Distributed Teams research report from ProjectsAtWork. It is designed to help you leverage the report's key findings and recommendations to achieve the benefits of working with distributed agile teams in your organization.

Agile Anywhere

- by Aaron Smith

Distributed project teams are a reality of today’s business world, and the ability to enlist them while upholding Agile principles can bring great advantages as well as real challenges. Our 38-page report looks at those challenges but focuses on the benefits of working with distributed agile teams — and how to achieve them.

Agile Distributed Teams: Achieving The Benefits

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Whether you're just getting started with Agile or expanding your Agile practice to include distributed teams, this report is for you. It provides meaningful data points and best practices from hundreds of practitioners and thought leaders in the industry. These findings have not been presented anywhere before, and go well beyond the numbers to give you best practice insights and real-world tips that you can apply now and in the future.

Fresh Retrospectives

- by Wayne Grant

Retrospectives are a catalyst for continuous team improvement, providing a feedback loop to examine methods, teamwork and results. But holding monotonous retrospectives isn’t much better than holding none at all. Here are three techniques you can interchange for maximum effect.

Agile 101: Iteration Planning

- by Tom Mochal

On an agile project, the workload is determined at the beginning of each iteration. The Product Owner evaluates and prioritizes the work that needs to be done, while the team determines the amount of work they can complete. The iteration planning meeting sets the stage and should be run as a collaborative dialogue.

Agile Coach’s Corner

- by Dave Prior

Why do organizations pursuing Agile transformation need a coach and how do they make it stick after the coach leaves? In this new series, we explore these and other questions, starting with Certified Scrum Coach and Trainer Xavier Quesada Allue.

What's Done Is Done: Releases

- by Daniel Gullo

At the release level, we approach the meaning of “done” more strategically by aligning User Stories with Epics and Vision Statements — all of which should be shared across the Scrum Team and all stakeholders so that they can see the building and not just the bricks. Here are some examples of what that looks like.

All Risks Great & Small

- by Garry Booker

Managing uncertainty is one of the most important challenges facing project managers, but many have no consistent process for dealing with risks, large or small. One helpful step is to take a page from Agile practices and pay more attention to the size of team tasks and the quality of our conversations about them.

Trial & Error Agile

- by Dave Prior

In Part 2 of Dave Prior's interview with Roman Pichler, the conversation turns to the Lean Startup community and how its ideas can add to Agile practices; the value of critical feedback; the willingness to experiment and fail; and the realities of developing Agile teams within larger, traditional organizations. [25:00]

What Is A Product Owner?

- by Dave Prior

In this podcast, Dave Prior interviews Agile thought-leader and author Roman Pichler about the critical role of product owner in an Agile environment. In shaping and, yes, owning the vision of the product, product owners serve as filter, facilitator and collaborator with project team members and stakeholders. [23:18]





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