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Tool Shop: Agile iPad Apps

- by Will Kelly

The iPad and agile project management seem to be made for each other with their shared emphasis on simplicity. And as enterprise mobility grows, iPad apps can and will be used to manage product backlogs, release lists and sprints. Here’s a look at three agile PM apps available for the iPad.

The Agile “Skinny”

- by Dave Prior

ESI’s Matt Ferguson talks about realistically assessing an organization’s agile needs and readiness, focusing on three key variables: knowledge, application and support. He also sees the emergence of a “three-party system” in project management, representing traditional, agile and hybrid approaches. [15:30]

Infographic: Distributed Agile Teams

- by

Agile approaches are now mainstream and distributed projects are becoming the norm. A recent ProjectsAtWork research report explored issues and benchmarked actions taken by organizations at the center of the distributed agile movement. This infographic highlights a few key findings.

No One Right Way to Agile

- by Dave Prior

Are requirements, documentation and traditional risk management in conflict with Agile? ESI’s director of consulting services Matt Ferguson says no. Here, he talks about a holistic approach to project delivery that addresses a variety of variables and allows teams to decide what works best. The goal is to build a legacy of improvement. [16:00]

Scrum Alliance Announces 2013 Board

- by ProjectsAtWork

The Scrum Alliance has announced its 2013 Board of Directors, including new chairman Harvey Wheaton.

Incremental Release Planning

- by Wayne Grant

Release planning for a Scrum project is a tricky proposition, especially when crammed into a single up-front session that forces teams to make guess-timates. More informed estimates can be derived from shorter, incremental planning sessions facilitated by a field-tested visual technique. Here’s how it works.

Agile 101: Estimating Cost/Time

- by Tom Mochal

You can do better than subscribing to the slam that you only know an Agile project is complete when the budget is gone. After some initial assumptions, you can determine estimated duration and cost of your project within a couple iterations — an estimate that becomes more accurate as velocity is established.

Agile Attitude + Cohesion

- by Dave Prior

Andrew Stellman and Jenny Greene (authors of Head First PMP and Beautiful Teams) discuss bridging the gap between traditional and Agile methods … why outstanding results depend on more than best practices … making decisions at the latest responsible moment … and their 2013 prep guide for PMI agile certification. [26:05]

Enterprise Scrum Thinking, Pt.3

- by Dave Prior

Dan Greening explores the challenges of scaling Agile and Scrum concepts beyond the team level to project portfolios with executive involvement. Along the way, he discusses forecasting beyond sprints, commitments vs. lies, dashboard heresy, waterfall compatibility and failing safely, among other thought-provoking ideas. [Part 3: 26 min.]

Scrum and Entrepreneurism

- by Laszlo Szalvay

Even in a tough economic climate, small-business owners and executives can build stronger companies through commitment to the tenets of Scrum, which include creating a culture of learning, embracing prioritization at the organizational and team levels, and seeking out feedback loops.





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