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PPM Solutions: April 2009

- by Projects@Work

A wide variety of technology solutions and services are available to help organizations implement, customize and improve their project portfolio management processes. Here is our April roundup of recently announced PPM offerings.

PPM and the Stimulus Package

- by Karl Boone, John Kirkwood and Nilesh Chandra

The size of the federal stimulus package is unprecedented, and so, too, the number and size of projects it is expected to generate in such a short period of time. With time of the essence, can public agencies use this funding quickly and responsibly, while ensuring transparency and accountability? Yes, with a portfolio management framework that balances the need for speed with governance and oversight.

The PPM Buzz Remains

- by Kathleen Ryan O'Connor

Interest in project portfolio management tools (and PMOs) is holding steady, according to a review of inquiries at one top research firm.


Two seasoned project management professionals share their real-world insights on 1) how to create a project management office to develop and instill a consistent project management approach, and 2) the role of project portfolio management in maintaining a successful PMO. [17 min.]

Opportunity Knocking

- by Kathleen Ryan O'Connor

The massive stimulus package has the project portfolio management community thinking big, with leading PPM software providers poised for their own economic bump as they demonstrate how their solutions can maximize taxpayer dollars.

Complexity Considered

- by Projects@Work

When project portfolio decisions are made in isolation, redundancy and conflicts are inevitable. One solution, according to a Global 500 advisor, is to manage cascading portfolios at multiple levels within the organization. In this interview, Mario Arlt shares some thoughts on managing complex project portfolios.

Intuitive Touch

- by Kathleen Ryan O'Connor

For the world’s largest processor of credit card transactions, real-time collaboration with no geographic constraints was the only way to get a handle on a slice of some 4,000 projects. It turned to a highly configurable project portfolio management application that emphasized social networking, visibility and usability.

PPM Happens

- by Kathleen Ryan O'Connor

You’ve already got project portfolio management — whether you know it or not. Too often, however, the prioritization of projects is based on turf wars and crises, real or imagined. Author and consultant Michael Greer discusses these potentially dangerous underground dynamics and how to build the case for a more structured approach, even in tough times.

Pencils Down

- by Kathleen Ryan O'Connor

A niche PPM solution has helped a rapidly growing Ohio university take IT project work to the next level. Not only did it knock out redundant projects, the buy-in from senior leadership was surprisingly fast. And Franklin University liked what it saw enough to bring it completely in house within the first year.

Paying Off

- by Kathleen Ryan O'Connor

A new study details how organizations worldwide are leveraging project portfolio management software to significantly increase efficiencies, cut costs and drive revenue.





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