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Implementing PPM: Value and Vision

- by Derek Stevens

When implementing a portfolio management system, leaders must create both a vision and a value proposition for the accompanying changes, describing how these changes, whether environmental or structural, will integrate with the overall strategic planning and management cycles.

Beyond Cost-Cutting

- by Jeannette Cabanis-Brewin

The pressure has never been greater to drive efficiency and contain costs, yet, in the words of Tom Peters, “You can’t shrink your way to greatness.” So wise companies use any business contraction to prepare for growth. They also realize that the kind of growth available to companies emerging from recession is not based on old business processes and models, but on innovation.

Portfolio Management: Practices and Principles

- by Derek Stevens

What are the practices and principles required for mature IT governance using a portfolio management approach, and how does an organization achieve them? First and foremost, change is required — not just in processes, but in behaviors, roles and responsibilities among three key groups.

The (Digital) Doctor Is In

- by Kathleen Ryan O'Connor

Faced with growing frustration in its ability to support clinicians and serve patients, a regional medical center’s IT organization prescribed a push toward electronic medical records to automate, anticipate and ultimately save lives. Indeed, EMRs have provided an impetus for many healthcare organizations to investigate PPM.

Crawl, Walk, Run to PPM Value

- by Projects@Work

How do you make the case for PPM and justify the expense? What are some common pitfalls in implementing or extending PPM across the enterprise? How much should an organization expect to “bend” to accommodate a new PPM solution? PowerSteering’s CEO shares his perspective on these and other issues.

The Pitch for PPM

- by Projects@Work

As PPM solutions evolve from “nice to have” to essential, there is a need to integrate them with other business operations, according to H-P’s senior product marketing manager. But are vendors glossing over the cultural and procedural changes required for organizations to reap the full benefits of these tools?

Portfolio Rigor Mortis

- by Derek Stevens

A project portfolio’s agility and liquidity are key components of its business value. To maintain flexibility and optimize investments, organizations must first understand what can cause “portfolio rigor mortis” and then adopt approaches to avoid or “cure” it.

Drivers and Differentiators

- by Kathleen Ryan O'Connor

A new survey tries to uncover what really makes a difference in project portfolio performance.

Better Visibility in Tacoma

- by Kathleen Ryan O'Connor

How project portfolio management transformed the way the city of Tacoma delivers goods and services to its 200,000 residents.

The Agile Portfolio

- by Kathleen Ryan O'Connor

More organizations are incrementally adding Agile methods to take their project portfolio management practices to the next level, while software providers are adapting their PPM offerings to keep pace with demand.





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