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Break Out of the PPM Silo

- by Dave Blumhorst

When project portfolio management is conducted in a data/process “vacuum,” it often does more harm than good. Breaking down departmental walls and building an integrated, holistic approach to PPM will help to eliminate bottlenecks and improve decision-making. Here are steps to make it happen.

BA + QA = A-OK

- by Janis Rizzuto

How can companies foster collaboration between business analysts and quality assurance professionals? New research recommends three steps to strengthen alignment between these complementary roles — and improve project outcomes.

The Bridges of Execution

- by Richard Lepsinger

What differentiates the results-getters from the can’t-get-it-done-ers? It’s not strategy or vision or quality or any of the other usual suspects, according to a study of 400 companies. Here are the five execution “bridges” that close the gap between goals and results.

How Your Work World Will Change

- by Projects@Work

Hyperconnectedness. Swarms. Sketch-ups. Simulations. These are some of the emerging trends that will radically change the nature of work in the next 10 years, according to a recent Gartner report.

Agile, By Design

- by Clinton Keith

The call out for certainty from stakeholders has amplified with the cost of longer development efforts and the communication overhead on larger teams. Detailed design documents attempt to create that certainty, but at best they only defer its reckoning. Finding the balance between documentation and collaboration is the challenge for every designer on an agile team.

Olympic PM

- by Angela Smith

Working closely with Bell Canada business units to deliver a complete communication network at the 2010 Winter Olympics, project manager Richard Brodowski established an “enabling, not inhibiting” approach that allowed his team to quickly learn from mistakes and make decision at the ground level, continuously moving the project forward.

Project Networking

- by Nick Andrews and Karl Boone

Social networking is becoming a powerful tool for savvy project managers, and leveraging social networking platforms can pay big dividends for your global project teams. Here are some considerations before adopting a social networking tool for your project, as well as an overview of some effective options to explore.

The Apathy Cycle

- by Geoff Crane

When a workplace becomes apathetic, new ideas die on the vine. Whether or not senior management cares, project leaders must take responsibility for creating a culture of trust and collaboration around and below them. It starts with supporting those who are willing to stick their necks out on behalf of the project.

Manage the Document

- by Neil Stolovitsky

Documents can be a boon or a plague to projects, depending on how they are produced and disseminated. Done right, document management is a huge strategic advantage on projects, fostering visibility, collaboration and shared objectives.

Social Media PM

- by Elizabeth Harrin

How (and how much) is the project management community using social media tools to do their jobs and advance their careers? A recent survey explored these questions.





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