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Taking Your Portfolio Agile

- by Tony Grech

Agile is a team-focused philosophy. However, when transitioning a portfolio to agile, management’s role is crucial, and a clear roadmap and resource plan will serve as a foundation. Here are lessons learned from a recent agile transition of a multinational retailer’s digital project portfolio.

SAFe Travels

- by Dave Prior

Focused on adopting Agile at the enterprise level, the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) has generated a lot of buzz. Here, consultant-trainer Peter Saddington discusses why he pursued the certification, what he learned along the way, and how it (like any methodology) must keep evolving to make a real difference. [19:00]

A Little Agile Goes a Long Way

- by Eric Rudolf

Agile principles and practices aren’t just for product development. They can also improve your effectiveness as a day-to-day manager and the performance of your teams and department. Here are seven great reasons why you should consider adding Agile to your management toolbox.

It Takes Two

- by Dave Prior

Agile coach, mentor and practitioner Dr. Sallyann Freudenberg is interested in the psychology of people working together on IT projects as well as the technical side. Here she discusses a bit of her research on pair programming, including the beneficial behaviors it can encourage. [15:00]

Agile Sessions and Authority

- by Len Lagestee

Team dynamics can be disrupted when a person of authority sits in on a meeting. In the case of daily standups and other Agile events, a manager’s presence seems at odds with principles of self-organization. But in the spirit of openness, maybe sometimes it can work. Here are some guidelines.

Let Teams Decide

- by Dave Prior

Agile transformation specialist Kamal Manglani says that teams should decide what (and how many) dedicated roles they need, depending on the environment and values. Transformation isn’t about forcing people to follow a process; it’s about understanding and restructuring rules to produce better outcomes. [14:30]

Agile 101: Change Companion

- by Jas Chong

Many organizational change initiatives are undone by lack of buy-in, fuzzy goals or basic human fatigue and resistance. A better of understanding of some basic agile concepts such as minimum viable product, short release cycles and feedback loops can be helpful in overcoming these pitfalls when leading transformative projects.

Communication Awareness

- by Dave Prior

Agile coach and trainer Silvana Wasitova was involved in a large-scale Scrum rollout at Yahoo, and believes her PMP background helps clients making similar transitions. As a Distinguished Toastmaster, she preaches the importance of presentation and listening skills for project managers, especially when leading distributed teams, and says video-based communication can minimize distractions and cultural gaps. [19:30]

A PM Bill of Rights

- by Dave Prior

Project managers and developers don’t always have a healthy relationship. At Metal Toad, a technology agency for the entertainment industry, a Bill of Rights helped, says Adam Edgerton, director of project management. He also discusses stage gating and other techniques that “humanize” approaches and support teams, whether they’re working in Agile or Waterfall environments. [22:20]

Does Your Team Define “Done”?

- by Wayne Grant

A “Definition of Done” brings transparency to a team’s way of working, yet some teams have never heard of the concept, and many more have never actually created this essential checklist of activities. Here is a step-by-step workshop to help teams agree on and publish a Definition of Done.




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