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Seeing Is Believing

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Organizations need visibility in six key areas in order to successfully manage their initiatives — forecasting, collaboration, risk and opportunity management, project portfolio management, change management and actionable information. The right software can help, reducing surprises and enabling predictability to deliver better results.

Were the Mayans Right About Your PMO?

- by Jerry Manas

It could very well be near the end of the world for your PMO unless your organization is prepared to properly address five undeniable trends: resource demand; predictive analytics; innovation; portfolio management-led integration of strategy, finance and operations; and, of course, Agile.

Death to Spreadsheets: 3 Ways to Increase Your IT Project Visibility

There is a better way—a way to avoid using multiple tools that scatter your project data, don’t relate to one another, and fail to provide the visibility you need. Attend this free webinar and you’ll learn: 1. The five main reasons IT projects lack visibility 2. How to get project data you can trust 3. How to break free from spreadsheet purgatory 4. How to prove your value and your results You’ll also learn how AtTask delivers a solution that goes beyond project management and encourages accountability, visibility, and efficiency—making it possible for you and your team to do your best work in an environment that fosters productivity, motivation, and results.

Begin Maturing Integrated Program Management (IPM) In Your Organization Today!

To help Program Management Offices (PMOs) and project teams learn more about this exciting new concept, Deltek is hosting an IPM webcast -- and you and your project team are invited! By attending this one hour webcast you will learn: ·What IPM is and why it is important ·How IPM can help PMOs and project teams ·How you can leverage IPM to save time and money on your projects

Software Estimation in an Agile World

Differentiating between agile practice and agile culture, Steve McConnell describes common impediments to estimation on Agile projects, and he highlights key practices that lead to a Bold New World of Agile Software Estimation--providing far better results than were ever seen on waterfall projects.

Transform Your Project Managers into Next-Generation Leaders

Software delivery has changed. Projects are expected to deliver high business value and strong customer satisfaction – but faster and with fewer resources. Also, stakeholders are increasingly tech savvy and team members are globally distributed. Adapting to these changes requires next-generation project management. Join this on-demand webinar to hear Mary Gerush of Forrester Research explore the evolution of project management and outline the core capabilities, skills and knowledge that today’s project managers need to succeed.

How to be an Effective Team Leader

Discusses how the expanding global marketplace has placed a new premium on a leader's ability to manage geographically distributed teams. The solution lies more in understanding the internal and external dynamics than using the newest software tools that keep us connected. This course provides new insights and skills that will enable you to coordinate, communicate and collaborate more effectively with team members, regardless of location.
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