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Provocative thinking from the field.

The Ring Project

- by Daniel Starr

Why the travails of Hobbits and Kings just might offer some real-life lessons for managing your project. The takeaway: stay focused on the destination (the outcome) and don’t stick to a single route (the plan of action).

To Be Type C

- by Dan Bradbary and David Garrett

A sizable segment of successful project managers thrive on resolving chaos, solving problems, accepting the high fives, and moving on to the next threat that guarantees more thrills. Their approach is future-centered; they have a clear vision of the completed project, and how to go about getting there. They’re Type Cs.

Free Market PM: The Mindset

- by David Schmaltz

The final article in this six-part series describes the entrepreneurial mindset and energy at the root of free market projects. You probably have it, according to the author. Whether you're willing to exercise it is an entirely different issue.

Free Market PM: The Trading Floor

- by David Schmaltz

Throughout history, both economies and projects have resisted a variety of strategies for “managing” them. It’s as if projects, like economies, have minds of their own. And perhaps they do. Because no one produces anything remarkable watching a clock, free market project managers create the conditions under which entrepreneurial inspiration thrives.

What’s After What’s Next?

- by Mark Mullaly, PMP

An emphasis on guidelines over rules … corporate commitment over control … value over processes … competency over accumulated knowledge. And other thoughts on what the future of project management could and should look like.

Free Market PM: Leading Indicators

- by David Schmaltz

The falling price of eggs was the early sign that efforts to fix Poland’s economy were working. What nontraditional indicators and rhythms should you be watching on your projects? The author suggests encouraging responsible commitment, for starters, and then monitoring its reliability.

What’s Next?

- by Mark Mullaly, PMP

Alignment of standards, competency-based certifications, increased corporate visibility and growing emphasis on value realization are some of the emerging trends in the world of project management for 2006 and beyond.

Free Market PM: Unfixing Prices

- by David Schmaltz

Most sponsors oversee projects as fixed expenses. Project managers, in turn, closely track costs, seeking a survivable margin and “ticketing” changes to justify increases. Neither side seems satisfied with the historical results. So what is the value of your project? What’s a fair price to pay? Whether you consider that price tag an expense or an investment makes a real difference.

Free Market PM: Creating Currency

- by David Schmaltz

Economies require more than buyers and sellers and goods. They need a medium of exchange. And whether it takes the form of bartered cows, magic beans or T-shirts matters little, as long as those engaging in transactions believe that their currency holds real value. What's your project's currency?

Free Market PM

- by David Schmaltz

Economics and project work share much in common. Unfortunately, project management theory seems to be lagging behind modern economists', favoring quantitative methods and deterministic planning over agility, entrepreneurship and individual responsibility. The dismal consequences are widespread, but it doesn't have to be this way. There is a choice.





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