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Team-Building: Traditional/Agile

How do you identify team requirements and knowledge sources differently for traditional and agile projects? What are some best practices that are common or useful to both approaches?

Traditional Team Building

People will make the difference in whether your project succeeds or fails. The project team must have positive chemistry and the proper mix of talent. The team does not have to possess all the business and technical knowledge needed to complete the project, but it must have the technical skills to perform or supervise the performance of specific project tasks and be able to facilitate, organize and direct the efforts of those who perform non-team member tasks.

Agile Team Building

While the team plays a critical part of success in most projects, on Agile projects the core value that defines an emphasis on “individuals and interactions over process and tools” identifies the team as the primary driver of a successful project outcome.

The ideal Agile team will be self-forming and will be composed of all the people necessary to get the job done. While Agile teams are given significantly more freedom a  would normally be granted …


In the process of building a team to complete the business case and develop the project, you may wish to consider some of the following ideas.

> Use resources from the inside. When selecting people to assist with building the business case, look for people who have knowledge specific to the business cases or the problem or the opportunity. Do you have all facets covered? If your initiative will have a significant impact on the sales group, it is vital to include…


In the process of building a strong Agile team to solve needs of the business, you may wish to consider some of the following ideas.

> Be disciplined in your approach. An Agile approach offers a lot more freedom and flexibility than a process heavy traditional approach. However, with this freedom comes great responsibility. The team must exercise discipline in how they approach their work and trust themselves to be selfmanaging in this respect.

> Be transparent.

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