David Bland on Lean Startup + Design Thinking + Agile

May 05, 2016 04:19 PM | COMMENTS (1) | CATEGORIES: Bland, David Bland, Design Thinking, Innovation, Lean Startup, MVP, Precoil

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David Bland, founder of Precoil, helps startups and enterprise organizations who want to achieve product market fit by blending innovation practices from Lean Startup, Design Thinking and Agile.

In this interview David talks about what types of organizations pursue innovation, how they can deepen their learning and how we can create environments that support those who are willing to take risks and drive innovation.

David can be reached at Precoil or via Twitter.

Show Notes

Background on Precoil 00:40
The importance of knowing how to kill your best product 1:20
What types of customers are trying to pursue innovation and why 3:28
How Lean Startup bridges the gap between Design Thinking and Agile 5:15
Why does MVP matter and should you charge for it? 7:40
Bad ideas are easy to scale 10:20
Extending the Agile feedback loop to the customer and market 12:03
Instrumenting to gather data over performance 14:15
Understanding the real value exchange for your product 15:40
Deepening your learning 17:20
Going from Can we build it? to Should we build it? 18:20
Making it safe for the teams to take chances and fail 18:57
Three types of pivots 20:00
Strange reactions to failure 20:30
What to do with the team that fails? 23:16
How do you find people to self select the work no one wants? 25:58
Bimodal and Innovation 28:39
Where do we get the innovation people? 29:18
Teaching people that it is okay to be creative and take risks 31:07
Squiggle birds 33:10
Lean Startup Aversion 34:18
You can’t possibly contain my Steve Job Mansize Genius! 34:45
Precoil Workshops, Remixes and new things for Precoil 35:50Getting in touch with David 41:14

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