Agile in Education Update

May 03, 2016 10:00 PM | COMMENTS (0) | CATEGORIES: , agile in education, agile schools, blueprint, blueprint education, edu scrum, eduscrum, john miller

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At the 2016 Scrum Gathering, the Scrum Alliance sponsored a meeting that brought together leaders in education from all over the world who focus on helping students and schools to adopt a more Agile way of working. The Agile Education Compass is the output of that meeting. In this podcast, you’ll meet the folks who were involved, learn about the inspiring work they’ve been doing and you’ll get to hear them walk through the Agile Education Compass.

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Show Notes from the Interview
Introductions 00:18
Why They Met at the 2016 Scrum Gathering 01:00
Agile Education Compass 01:39
The Group’s Intent 2:05
The Compass Walkthrough 04:00
Spreading the Word: 07:05
Their Mission 07:20
Discovering where you want to go 8:58
How it impacts Educators 09:15
Living Through the Challenge of Changing Education 10:10
How to Get Started 11:00
How Student’s Respond 11:30
Extending the Learning Beyond School 12:00
Nurturing the Love of Lifelong Learning 12:50
What brought them together 13:50
Where to learn more 14:22
The Agile Education Compass 14:44

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