Woody Zuill and Mob Programming

April 07, 2016 02:29 AM | COMMENTS (0) | CATEGORIES: agile, agile, fading problems, mob programming, woody zuill

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Woody Zuill is an amazing man.

He’s got a level of passion and heartfelt enthusiasm for his work that is inspiring and infectious.

He can conjure obscure soft drinks from crowds of strangers.

You may be familiar with Woody from No Estimates or from Mob Programming. This interview focuses on the latter subject. Woody provides updates on the Mob Programming book, the Mob Programming Conference, upcoming webinars and presentations. He also was kind enough to answer questions about how he got from being a folk musician to being an Agile thought leader, how he overcame stage fright by completely tanking in front of 3,000 people and how he stays passionate about his work. I am very proud of how this one turned out and I hope you will enjoy it. 

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Links discussed in the podcast are below, followed by show notes with times.

If you’d like to contact Woody you can find him here:



Links referenced in the podcast: 

Mob Programming Website

Mob Programming Time Lapse Video

Mob Programming Conference

Mob Programming Book

Upcoming Conference’s Woody will be speaking at:

Intro to Mob Programming Webinar with Corgibytes

Andrea Zuill' new book Wolf Camp

Woody’s Mob Programming presentation from Øredev 2013

Show Notes with Times

Woody explains Mob Programming 00:48

Doing as little as possible and getting it into production as soon as possible 3:15

Why Mob Programming doesn’t result in sloppy code? 3:30

Why an idea in someone’s head must go through another person’s hands to get into a computer 4:05

Getting the best of everyone on the team and putting it into the software 6:15

Who do we need on the team? 6:50

It’s in the doing of the work that we discover the work we must do 8:00

The oblique path - How the things we think we want keep us from getting to the things we need 9:50

Does Mob Programming only work for teams that are already Agile? 10:27

What elements you need in place for Mob Programming to work? 11:00

How Mob Programming was discovered 11:30

Why we need to practice and study together 13:00

Turn up the good 14:00

Inventing the way we work 15:30

Fading Problems and Mob Programming 17:48

The Mob Programming Book 23:45

Mob Programming Conference 25:10

Mob Programming Webinar 25:58

Mob Programming Events in the UK and Scotland 26:50

Andrea Zuill’s new book: Wolf Camp 28:24

Woody’s journey to computer programming 29:25

Creating software you can use the next day 30:53

Woody’s First Computer and the Osborne Effect 33:25

How Woody got the Øredev crowd to bring him a Dr. Pepper Zero 36:33

How Mob Programming is like jamming with strangers at a folk festival 37:05

How Woody maintains a kid-like level of passion for what he does 41:01

Learning to develop software you can use immediately 43:00

Overcoming stage fright by completely tanking in front of 3,000 people 45:30

Jamming with strangers - even when you are not an expert 47:19

How to develop the skills you need to speak on stage 48:52

The good kind of stage fright 50:30

How Woody started speaking about Mob Programming 51:18

Always watching for the thing that’s interesting and brings joy to your life 52:50

Closing 54:37

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