Scrum and Infrastructure... and Stonehenge?

November 14, 2014 09:26 AM | COMMENTS (0) | CATEGORIES: english heritage, infrastructure, Redefining the PMO, scrum, steven slade, stonehenge

This year I was very fortunate to be able to spend time working with Andy Jordan and Mark Price Perry on the Redefining the PMO workshops. We got to travel around a bit, meet lots of interesting folks and talk about how they are working with their projects, PMOs, Portfolios, etc. 

One of the most interesting people I met at the workshops was Steven Slade. Steve works for English Heritage, the UK Gov organization that is responsible for taking care of historic sites around the country. Steve shared a great story with me about how his team used Scrum to manage the infrastructure aspect of a massive overhaul they did of the site at Stonehenge. 

Since using Scrum on infrastructure projects is something lots of folks have questions about, I asked Steve if he'd mind letting me interview him for a podcast.  During the interview Steve goes into great detail about the complexity of the project and how they used Scrum to solve the problems they encountered. 

Click here to check out the podcast.

If you have questions for Steve, you can contact him here.

Click here to learn more about English Heritage.