Agile 2014 Interview with Troy Magennis

August 01, 2014 11:37 AM | COMMENTS (0) | CATEGORIES: agile, Agile 2014, agile metrics, agile2014, focused objective, Kanban, michael lewis, moneyball, oakland a's, Scrum, troy magennis

Focused Objective's Troy Magennis is at Agile 2014 to deliver a presentation called Moneyball for Software Projects: Agile Metrics for the Metrically Challenged. Agile Metrics are a very hot topic at Agile 2014 and Troy's approach is footed in something many of us who are statistically challenged (myself included) may find more accessible. Troy has taken many of the techniques used by Billy Beane and the Oakland A's that were featured in Michael Lewis' book Moneyball... (and yeah, there is a movie). In this interview Troy and I discuss his approach and how he's been working with it.  

One of the more impressive things Troy has done is come up with a way to use metrics to determine when Scrum will deliver best for you and when you should make the switch to Kanban.