Agile 2014 Interview with John Rudd from Solutions IQ

July 31, 2014 11:50 PM | COMMENTS (0) | CATEGORIES: Agile 2014, Agile Metrics, Agile2014, Charlie Rudd, John Rudd, Solutions IQ, SolutionsIQ

John Rudd is in Orlando this week to give two presentations at Agile 2014. The first, with his brother Charlie, focused on the Agile transformation that SolutionsIQ went through after they made the decision to move to Agile.

The second presentation was on Active Portfolio Management. Portfolio Management is a VERY hot topic at Agile 2014 and there are a variety of opinions about how to address understanding value, and what tools should be used to figure out what to prioritize.

John Rudd brings a truly unique perspective to this conversation. Not only is he the Managing Director of SolutionsIQ, but he has years of experience working in investment banking and financial consulting. John shares his thoughts on which tools from the financial world are best applied when trying to determine what to prioritize in the Agile Portfolio.