Modern Management Methods - The Conference Formerly Known as LKNA

April 30, 2014 11:16 AM | COMMENTS (0) | CATEGORIES: Lean Kanban North America, LKNA, MMM, Modern Management Methods

In just a few days Fog City will host the 2014 Lean Kanban North American Conference... except, it’s not called that anymore. The event has been renamed and as of this year, it is the Modern Management Methods conference and it will take place May 5-8 at the Hyatt Regency in San Francisco.

I’ve been doing podcast interviews recently with some of the speakers who will be at the conference and I’ve spoken with each of them about the shift in focus and I believe it marks a new trend that we will be seeing more of in the Agile movement.While the conference has always focused on subjects relevant to practitioners of Kanban and Lean practices, this year marks the beginning of a shift in approach. The Modern Management Methods conference is targeting the management level of Agile, rather than just trying to feed practitioners.

Sniz and Fondue

While it would be foolish to say that the battle for the workers has been won, the battle has, at least, been stable for some time now. There are new people coming to Agile all the time, but it crossed the chasm a while ago and the beachhead has been established. In teaching and coaching, one of the most common complaints from those who are home brewing the Kool-Aid is that they are hampered by managers that just don’t get it. These are the managers who bought into Agile thinking: “I can change my mind whenever I want AND get things faster! HOLY FRUITS! Cut me off an extra large wedge of transformation!”

And then the cold, harsh light of reality enters the room, and they realize that getting those things requires the sand in your bathing suit that change brings to the table.

This material at the MMM conference is geared towards helping the management level gain insight into what it can do to help foster a better adoption of Agile. While Agile transformation has been a subject that folks have been talking about for a long time, specifically honing in on Management and helping them become better able to support Agile, is an emerging thread.

So, next week, you have two options

  1. Check out the Modern Management Methods Conference in San Francisco
  2. Attend the Scrum Gathering in New Orleans

While the Modern Management Methods Conference is focusing more on the Management side of the house, I would say that the Scrum Gathering tends to aim more at practitioners (team members, ScrumMasters and Product Owners). Either one is going to be full of challenging new ideas that will help you raise your Agile game.