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Best practices, lessons learned and advice from your peers in the trenches.

HR By the Numbers

- by Kathleen Ryan O'Connor

The ability to recruit and retain a motivated, competitive workforce can make or break a business. And it’s difficult no matter the economic conditions. Recession? Uncertainty kills productivity. Boom times? Watch as talented workers walk for better offers. Can predictive analytics help?

Influencing Innovation

- by Martin Abbott and Mike Fisher

Team innovation can be greatly influenced by conflict (either productive or destructive), experiential diversity, a sense of empowerment, and organizational boundaries. An Agile approach can help, though there are pros and cons to consider. Spotify offers a real-world example of how it works.

Redefine Collaboration

- by Will Kelly

Collaboration in an agile or DevOps environment isn’t just about choosing a new technology solution. It calls for a new collaborative culture that transforms change management, team composition and workflows between development and operations. Here are 10 tips to make it happen.

Designs on Transformation

- by Parker Lee

Organizations that seek transformation and innovation go beyond top-down, analytical methods and incorporate the lessons of design thinking, humanistic management and systems theory. Here are seven principles that can dramatically improve how your organization develops products, services and processes.

Scrumban Beyond Teams

- by Ajay Reddy

The principles and practices of Scrumban can go beyond helping teams improve performance. Here are four levels that Scrumban can be employed, from teams and departments to programs and portfolios. This understanding can be a starting point for its adoption across the entire organization.

Time for a PMO Checkup

- by Yasser Mahmud

Organizations must periodically evaluate their PMOs to ensure things are strategically aligned with business goals, and to keep pace with changing roles, responsibilities and missions. Here’s a guide to understanding your PMO’s maturity level and where and how improvement should occur.

Big Agile, Big Challenges

- by Kelsey van Haaster

Several frameworks offer a pathway to large-scale agile, but a step-by-step approach, while appealing, can not serve as a substitute for the meaningful cultural change that must take place. Most important to success: a shared vision and clarity of purpose, transparency and patience.

The Jazz Mindset

- by Joseph Czarnecki, PMP

Adaptability and creativity are cornerstones to making beautiful music, but how do they apply to strategic execution? They help teams and organizations react to and even initiate change more quickly. Here are eight lessons to drive the jazz mindset, from the art of unlearning to balancing freedom with constraints.

A Reinvention Roadmap

- by Aaron Smith

Successful business transformation programs must integrate strategy, people, process, metrics and technology. That’s a lot of moving parts. Here, a seasoned change leader discusses his field-tested roadmap for executing complex initiatives that drive innovation and create tangible value.

Let's Be Candid

- by Brigg Patten

Organizations and leaders must support candor and transparency in the workplace in order to allow open discussion, problem solving and idea generation to flourish. Here are five ways to make sure your team members are empowered to provide and receive the feedback they need to excel.




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