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What's getting in your way? Let's break down the barriers and build bridges to success. Here are both leading-edge and time-tested approaches to better managing projects, programs and portfolios.

Planning and execution … conflict and communication … teams and stakeholders … control and innovation … managing and leading.

Avoid Double Vision

- by Bart Gerardi

While it seems to make sense to create separate backlogs for the technical and business aspects of a project, it can do more harm than good. In addition to causing team friction and inefficiencies, it negates an essential Agile benefit: delivering value based on one prioritized vision.

Autism, IT & Problem-Solving

- by Dave Prior

Dr. Sallyann Freudenberg is exploring the propensity towards autistic spectrum disorders in IT and the rich mental imagery that many complex-problem-solvers call upon. Here, she discusses how her research relates to all of us who rely on logic and collaboration in our work but sometimes, when alone, experience creative leaps that make a bigger difference. [18:20]

Coordination and collaboration … metrics and methods … PMOs, standards and training … knowledge-sharing and decision-making.

Meet Scrum Alliance’s First CEO

- by Dave Prior

The Scrum Alliance has named Manny Gonzalez as its first chief executive officer. In his first interview in the new role. Gonzalez talks about his eclectic background, his leadership philosophy, and how he hopes to serve the Agile community in areas such as professional development, coaching and education. [13 min.]

Scrum At Scale

- by Dave Prior

Many organizations try to fly before they crawl with Scrum. But scaling approaches that work in one context often fail in another. At the upcoming Scrum Gathering, Alex Brown will discuss a versatile, modular framework that addresses the specific needs of an organization. [20 min.]

Alignment and allocation … prioritization and politics … visibility and value … strategy and synergy.

Bimodal Best Practices

- by

Bimodal IT project portfolios, which balance efficiency and accuracy with agility and speed, require outcome-centered approaches. Gartner has identified three best practices to enable PMOs to better manage any type of IT project or program within the portfolio.

Evaluating Project Opportunities

- by Mark Mullaly, Ph.D., PMP

What should executives and other decision-makers look for when evaluating a proposed initiative? Three ‘C’s’ — comprehensiveness, confidence and consultation — are helpful guidelines in making project initiation decisions. Here are eight questions that can be used to assess their presence in new opportunities.





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Decisions, Decisions

Posted by Aaron Smith

We have launched a new series on decision-making and project initiation, based on contributor Mark Mullaly’s new book “Exercising Agency.” The first article summarized re...
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