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What's getting in your way? Let's break down the barriers and build bridges to success. Here are both leading-edge and time-tested approaches to better managing projects, programs and portfolios.

Planning and execution … conflict and communication … teams and stakeholders … control and innovation … managing and leading.

The ‘Don’t Know’ Mindset

- by Dave Prior

Here’s a short but far-ranging conversation with Mike Cohn, whose opening keynote at this week’s Scrum Gathering made a persuasive case for open-mindedness. By being willing to admit we’re wrong and avoiding loyalty to any one brand of Agile, Cohn says we’re much more likely to discover good ideas. [14 min.]

Agile Jesters, Magicians & Clowns

- by Dave Prior

Continuous improvement is serious work but it doesn’t have to be a somber affair. Scrum trainer Adam Weisbart uses comedy techniques and games to improve retrospectives and help teams find solutions to challenges. He also talks about the value of keeping a daily journal. [23 min.]

Coordination and collaboration … metrics and methods … PMOs, standards and training … knowledge-sharing and decision-making.

Meet Scrum Alliance’s First CEO

- by Dave Prior

The Scrum Alliance has named Manny Gonzalez as its first chief executive officer. In his first interview in the new role. Gonzalez talks about his eclectic background, his leadership philosophy, and how he hopes to serve the Agile community in areas such as professional development, coaching and education. [13 min.]

Scrum At Scale

- by Dave Prior

Many organizations try to fly before they crawl with Scrum. But you have to get Scrum right at the team level first, and scaling approaches that work in one context often fail in another. At the upcoming Scrum Gathering, Alex Brown will discuss a versatile, modular framework that can help organizations address their specific scaling needs. [20 min.]

Alignment and allocation … prioritization and politics … visibility and value … strategy and synergy.

Bottling Abundant Greatness

- by Dave Prior

Culture hacker Jim McCarthy revisits his breakthrough work with software teams at Microsoft in the 1990s, and then shares his passion for collaborative creation, which doesn’t require “permission from above” — it’s about safely sharing and wholehearted “self-caring.” [31 min.]

Improving Project Selection

- by Mark Mullaly, Ph.D., PMP

Project initiation decisions live in the space between strategy and project management. To ensure the right strategic initiatives are supported, organizations need to reframe how these decisions are made, be it politics or processes. Here’s an executive-level roadmap with critical questions to begin a reality check.





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