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What's getting in your way? Let's break down the barriers and build bridges to success. Here are both leading-edge and time-tested approaches to better managing projects, programs and portfolios.

Planning and execution … conflict and communication … teams and stakeholders … control and innovation … managing and leading.

Kanban Roles for PMs

- by Dave Prior

Kanban coach Frank Vega says lean-agile principles are applicable beyond the software context, and he is helping a growing number of project leaders and teams tweak their roles as they use Kanban to improve how they measure and manage workflows in their specific domains. [10:45]

Operational Requirements

- by Ireti Oke-Pollard, MBA, PMP

On development projects, operational issues should be factored into the requirements or you could end up with a product that meets all the business requirements but is too costly to maintain and support in the real world. To avoid this, consider adding a seat at the table for operations to participate in the requirements gathering stage.

Coordination and collaboration … metrics and methods … PMOs, standards and training … knowledge-sharing and decision-making.

The 5 Capitals of Sustainability

- by David Hillson

Sustainability has become increasingly important to organizations as both a business objective and a necessary constraint. But what does it mean? And how should it be included in the risk process? Here are five areas that should be considered.

Let Teams Decide

- by Dave Prior

Agile transformation specialist Kamal Manglani says that teams should decide what (and how many) dedicated roles they need, depending on the environment and values. Transformation isn’t about forcing people to follow a process; it’s about understanding and restructuring rules to produce better outcomes. [14:30]

Alignment and allocation … prioritization and politics … visibility and value … strategy and synergy.

Risk Connections

- by Andy Jordan

Partnerships are the key to successful risk management that goes beyond the project level. That means building processes that are consistent from project to program to portfolio. It also requires fostering open communication lines throughout the organization, from junior team members to senior executives.

A Risk Management Partnership

- by Andy Jordan

Organizational risk management requires alignment across all levels of execution, including project, programs, portfolios and the PMO. This includes consistent reporting and approval processes as well as a culture that facilitates communication among team members, senior executives and stakeholders.





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